About Us

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About Us

Who Are We?

We are an integrated youth-led organization comprising of youth from Refugee and Host communities in Kenya.
We are youth on a mission for a positive change.

“Our goal is to shape the future of students through making proper career choices.”

Our History

We are a by-product of Regional Youth Leadership Training Program East Africa facilitated by UNHCR, UNICEF, ILO and TRSN . After a 6 month training on leadership, advocacy, entrepreneurship and public speaking, we as 9 team members from Kenya formed Youth Uplift Network in December 2022. Through the support of UNHCR, we launched the organization activities on June 19th 2023 to July 3rd 2023 . Our aim is to advocate for the rights of young people using an integrated education (Mentorship and Financial literacy ) as a tool for change.

Our Mission

To uplift the lives of youth through advocacy, entrepreneurship and creating self-awareness towards achieving their life’s goals for a positive change.

Our vision

To establish an integrated community where host and refugee youth will have access to opportunities for self-development and economic growth to live meaningful and sustainable lives.r a positive change.

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Youth Uplift Network Membership Structure.

Aguek Agoth

Program Manager

Vicky Lotede

Assistant Program Manager

yun 11120

Monica Malith

Project Coordinator - Urban Centres

Jany Gatkuoth

Project Liaison Officer

Abdirahman Osman

Project Coordinator - Dadaab

Armele Ngakani

M & E Officer - Kakuma/Kalobeyei

Bona Bol

Field Coordinator - Kakuma/Kalobeyei

Anab Gedi


Juvenal Mbonihankuye

Finance Officer